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She’s Touching Him

I don’t think Gawain knows what to do in this situation.

Security seems to be in a similar situation. There’s just so much going on he doesn’t know who to interfere with first. I think he’ll just continue hanging out and bothering Hnæf.

’cause he’s got the cool control room and all.

Oh, and KGJ suggested I make the cast page into a Family Tree thing. So I sat down and made one – I think, that it wouldn’t help all that much. XD But it was cool enough to share: Wiglaf & Mordred Character Chart.

What’s really sad about that chart? It scares me now – and we haven’t even gotten to Wiglaf’s side of the family. XD

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“Dizzy” by Goo Goo Dolls


Oooh, first comment!

Hagen is so cute, such a study in contrast with her mother that it makes me laugh. Another appropriate title, just for the last panel would have been “Pot, meet Kettle”. xD


I keep telling you to stop adding characters!

Galen’s expression in panel four is hilarious. And she has a point; what’s the fun if he’s knocked out? Then you just get the blood and no screaming. She might as well be cauterizing wounds if she’s doing that.

And I’m sure that’s exactly why Security is hanging around Hnœf. Exactly.


I’d say that Gawain doesn’t know what to think right now, but looking at that character, you’ve already gave it away/made it very clear. :P

And Galen’s expression in panel 4 is priceless. :D

Lol, and can’t wait to meet Wiglaf’s side of the family. X3


I totally knew that Hagen was going to be a good character!
And I still love Security. I bet he really does enjoy Hnaef’s company. :happy:


I really like that family tree. We can see all the relationships among the characters. Can’t wait to see Wiglaf’s family. ^_^

Hagen is very adorable, and Security remark is quite funny. XD


A very interesting an informative chart you have there. The mutual crush lines on Gawain and Hagen are rather interesting, and its pretty funny that Azrael is listed as married to Grace =)

Oh, and Panel 4 is just wonderful ^_^


First-time poster, as they say … by any chance, is “Security” based on the character played by Peter Graves in Stalag 17? There’s a certain physical resemblence between the two.


Having never seen or heard of that movie until now; no. But that is an interesting coincidence. :wow:

And yay for your first post! :D


I finally got around to reading the character chart and saw the mutual crush lines for Gawain and Hagen… I knew they had the adorable-ness going on at about the time when Gawain ran down a hallway with Hagen thrown over his shoulder, but seeing the chart made me wonder if there were hints beforehand. And then I saw panel 4 of this page! Haha, his expression is hilarious. “Hand on my stomach! Hand on my stomach!” :D They are easily my new favorite couple.


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