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Shop Keep Is Camera Shy

Other titles for today’s strip include:

1) Wiglaf Approves of Tough Love

2) That’s a Steal

3) Mordred Should Put It Back

*cracks back* Two days shouldn’t feel like an entire weekend. I think it was taking Friday off from work. It’s undone my schedule. But that means I have tomorrow free. yay!

The battle against Red Moon Rising continues. Thanks to everyone whose voting to help me keep up!  Edit: I’m out! Red Moon Rising won~ Congrats & good luck with next round!

I t hink I had something else to say but I can’t really think of it. Oh. I remember.

Lunar wins for most amusing comment in a ustream chat with “man wiggy even uses perfectly condecendingly elaborate picto graphs” XD

And the other – Today’s True Magic just about killed me. I love that noble. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Animal” by Neon Trees


Yeah, I find it’s rarely a good thing when people are very eager to sell you something that seems valuable at an extremely low price. :/


I do hope Wiglaf remembered to pull his punch when he knocked Azrael out. And I wonder what Grace said that warranted the exclaimation points… Maybe a comment about Wiglaf being Azrael’s white knight or something?


Azrael’s plight hasn’t made him any smarter. That’s what you get for cursing at Wiglaf after he offers to help you. ^_^

Yes, Mordred, be VERY concerned that someone was desperate enough to actually give away that orb.


I’m very interested in what other effects the orb has is even the shop keeper a regular guy who had no magical power to cancel out wanted to get rid of it! I mean if thats all it did then why want it gone?


’cause if it is related to Grace, she probably speaks too =D


Oh I bet she does but if Grace is that uncomfortable with her you can only imagine that she is nothing like Grace. :)

I picture a personality that is all too nice, overly helpful but fails at it and more than likely as dense as dwarf-star alloy. :happy:


Alternative possibility:
Smartass, pushy, nagging woman (hot chick?) with a vendetta against Grace’s lecherous jerkishness (because he hit on her and failed badly?).


I doubt he would have hit on her.
She is a sister or the equivalent for artifact sets.

I think Grace would just love to hate or spar with someone that is a nagging, pushy personality type. Being a jerk comes as a package bonus. Wait that pretty much describes Grace as well. :lol:

I doubt she is loudmouth since she has not said a word since her appearance. :)


When I see something on the clearance shelf, what I always think is ‘this must be a past fad or EXTREMELY unpopular.’ I think the same situation applies here, Mordred.


Does Grace hate you? You know, for making him invisible half the rime?


I mean time. The keybord did it.


The keyboard? Yeah, blame it on the keyboard and not the bad finger aim when hunt’n'peck typing with two fingers and a thumb tap for the space bar. :raisebrow: It’s not like that I have any experience with the issue. Nope, not at all. :sly:

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