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Should Have Seen The Wedding

Did I shoot Galen just for that scene in the bottom left-corner? Why yes. Yes I did.

They are so adorable~ One of the most well adjusted couples in the cast. XD

And yes, Sedrick has always hated Madame Garrott. This is normal.

Also – To those who are hating on Sedrick right now, please, please stick around! If you leave you’ll miss all the fun stuff coming involving everyone else and you know, the villain’s come-up-ins. :D

Thanks for sticking’ with!

And for those Sedrick lovers….yes. More fun to come! :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“The Tide Falls Away” by Dar Williams


“They are so adorable~ One of the most well adjusted couples in the cast. XD”

Adorable, yes. Well adjusted, I beg to differ. I think Horatio and Viola are more ‘well adjusted than these two.


Hahahahaha!!! Horatio and Violet? Well adjusted? XDXDXDXDXD

He ran off with the rent money to rescue his boss who was kidnapped a decade ago by her best friend. How is THAT well adjusted?


Hmm… Just realised Sedrick is an amazing shot. He doesn’t even have depth perception, and he hits his targets every time.


Actually, I’ve been finding Sedrick quite amusing…seems like he’s actually read the Evil Overlord List, so it’ll be interesting to see what his downfall is.


The comeuppance is going to have to be pretty severe to win back several of Sedrick’s former fans, and that might just alienate his newer fans. I’m looking forward to seeing exactly how you’ll handle this one, Liliy, because you never told me a peep about the resolution.

XD Poor Ricky. Though, after all the torture he’s been through, if this is how much he speaks, he had to be a virtual mute with a will of iron before he met Galen. Will you ever go into Ricky’s history? I’m envisioning that he was a first generation American of Polish or Slovak descent, sent over to the Soviet bloc to handle spies.


I really like this new story line and how it’s progressing. It’s a different writing style than you’ve been using for this comic and it makes it fun to read. Your ability to tell a story keeps on improving!


Was that a knee to the face?
Oh my, that is definitely going to bruise nicely and make “MOM” very irate.
But then again mommy dearest was able to keep her head while married to the Great Evil Overlord [ GEO inc ] and raising little villains who did not commit matricide, so I suspect she is even more evil and smarter than she ever lets anyone think.


Yay! Finally caught up on everything since December!

I’m thinking Sedrick’s behavior hasn’t changed much, just his targets!


You were entirely entitled to shoot Galen JUST for the scene in the scene in the bottom left corner. For that scene is incredibly ADORABLE. In a really twisted way… And that is a really unique way to propose! Get down on one knee? Naaah, I think I’ll shove a hot poker through my gut! MUCH more romantic. <3


Heh heh, now that’s sure an unconventional marriage proposal. Ricky must have decided that this sort of thing was the only way to win Galen’s enthusiastic allegiance. XD


Even though I’m not a huge fan of Sedrick, I’m a big fan of WaM. I wouldn’t abandon it just because Sedrick is creepy and pretty much nightmare material!


Holy Crap Monkies On Toast with a side of Tea and Crumpets.

That was actually really cute. And what terrifies me is that its true these two are the most well adjusted couple in the series.


Not that I hate Sedrick, per se…I’m just disappointed. I would like Arthur to shock the hell out of everyone, though, mostly because I love it when unexpected characters do awesome shit. xD


That’s one hell of a way to propose. O.o Man, I love these two. “Darling wifey bleeding out as we speak.”

Totally understandable, shooting Galen so we could see this. Loving the work, Liliy. ;)


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