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Shouldn’t You Know?

What to say about today’s WaM (other than ignoring the late posting time)?


1) Hagen’s adorable.

2) Gawain’s about to lose it.

3) It’s about time Wiglaf had another “blonde” moment.

4) I love Red vs Blue.

Oh, and now you finally know what Mordred was yelling about.

Thanks for all the well wishing everybody! I’m feeling much better. :)

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Are You Gonna Be My Girl” by Jet


Beauitful. XD What’s-her-name is adorable, and Wiglaf’s blonde moment just about killed me. XD Bonus points for RvB references! ^_^


Obviously, Alistair doesn’t have a zombie plan. Look at how he just dropped the ball when confronted by his very first zombie! :)

Did you realize that 50% of the characters in this particular strip/page are blonde? And, not counting the frames showing Hagen’s rump or Camlann’s hilt, only 25% of the frames in this particular strip/page contain non-blonde characters.

Who will take a bet that Camlann flew somewhere and near-impaled someone in a potentially painful place?

“Dancing time!” –Caboose


Alistair should have looked to Sarge–he had 37 different zombie plans ready! (all of which turned out badly for Grif, poor guy). XD

Also, when will we hear Gawain calling for “Brian”?



I love how you brought all the events together this way. It should be hilarious to see when all the other characters bump into each other in the hall. XD

Alistair looks very surprised and confused in panels 7 through 9. I love the last panel where Gawain desperately grabs back his arm. XD That’s something you don’t see every day! :happy:

Yay Red vs. Blue!


And chaos happens. The chaos will just get worse when Ricky crashes in…

Judging by his name, I fear for Azraeil and Alistar…

Impedning chaos imminent. Prepare for impact XD

“Big black boots… Long brown hair… You’re so sweet with that, Get Back Stare! And I could See! You Home with me! But you were with another maaaaann Yeah! I, know, we, ain’t got. Much to say, Before I watch you slip awaaaayyy yeah! And I said are you gunna be my girl.” :P


I LOVE Hagen. She is by far my new favorite character. Her natural innocence is hilarious.

“Oh, we’re just going to crash right through your fight, Mr. Driver. Don’t mind the arm; it’s fine. Oh, and the blood’s okay, really. We’re just passing through.”


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