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Show Me That Baby Blue

Don’t look at me like that. For all you know this serious WAM is just one big set up to a joke on Wednesday.

Or Sedrick just kindly informed me he despises doing comedy when Arthur isn’t in the scene with him.

Or the detailed, serious eyes demanded it.

Or there’s actually a plot for a change which requires a little bit of set up. That sounds good.

…I love Hnæf’s eyes. Such a pretty brown~

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Nobody’s Home” by Avril Lavigne


So devious. What on earth is Sedrick’s evil little mind plotting?


oh come on!! it was on the forums (ask the character)

They will make sure Arthur never love Morbed as a brother again. ( this will make janus hate morbed too, because she is only doing it to make fun of arthur)

maybe he will take advantage of this and finally be Arthur’s boyfriend

the lesser plan is to defeat Wiglaf.


*dies, keels over, kicks the bucket, twitches*
Just read whole archive… love the comic… so much…. In all seriousness, I have laughed aloud more times than I can count at this comic, truly, which hasn’t happened in years. I love you, this comic, Mordred, Wiglaf, Driver, Security……… EVERYTHING! :love: :love: :love:

Ooooooh blue eye……. that is….. hot. :lol2:


Heh heh, Sedrick and Hnaef are really good plotters. They’re doing a good job analyzing all details to put them to their advantage. :cool: They may actually be able to think up a plan that will enable them to defeat Wiglaf and Janus, or if not, at least make a lot of trouble for them. I think they can make a ton of trouble. Should be interesting.


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