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Shut Up, Azzie

Azzie, you’re going to jinx yourself, you idiot.

Okay! Update Time: 

Family was visiting all week which had my time cut short, but they’re gone now and I finally had a chance to sit down with the dying computer. If I have only a single program running, I can get it to stay on (and even then, it still crashed while I was saving so I had to redo work). So updates should resume as normal for now.

However, my computer is still making death throws and I’m not sure how long this will last. If you’d like to help me get a new computer faster, I recommend telling people about my books for sale or my patreon. Or heck, even just visiting this site regularly helps out with my ad revenue (I don’t make a lot from the site ads, but every penny counts).

Everyone cross your fingers that I can keep updating and get a new computer soon. I don’t want WaM to end here because of a too long hiatus. Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading, and to the future!

Edit: Computer crashed in the middle of the next strip so I let the computer be. As such, WaM’ll be up late on Wednesday. But before I go, a question! Do you guys want me to continue editing posts when I know it’ll be late, or do you want me to just post it and be done with it (assuming it’s still getting posted on the right day, just not at midnight)? I’m up for either, but I wasn’t sure if you wanted to keep checking this for updates, or just figure out that a strip will be late by the lack of it on the main page. :P Let me know what you prefer.

Thanks for reading!


Azzie is jinxing him,self for sure but Boss may not be the instigator.

Boss seems to have forgotten something, what with not having a kaleidoscope punching ever larger holes through him in the last minute or so. =P

Too bad you are nowhere near where I am or I could assist in obtaining an affordable replacement system.

Snerk – I first pictured your computer throwing things with murder in it’s compiler. Deathbot2000 returns XD
Sometimes typos are just too funny if you have the right state of mind.


If you don’t laugh at typos, you cry over them.

I just have bad luck with computers. My desktop is dying & my laptop has missing keys. XD Ha ha ha ha.


I kinda like it when there’s communication between a creator and their audience. To me, it shows a respect for people’s time. I’ve had webcomics abruptly end without warning, and never noticed that the last post was over a year old.


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