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Signs Are Meant To Be Read

Ha ha ha. They are so easy to torture. :) Shouldn’t be fair, really. XD

And I think Azrael’s hair might be too short….drat. Ah well. I like the braid. Just pretend a lot is bunched over his shoulder or something. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“American Slang” by The Gaslight Anthem


the hair looks about right to me – braiding your hair makes it a lot shorter.


I agree… Like I have really, really long hair, and whenever I braid it, it makes it look like it’s half as short as it really is XD


azrael looks really good with that braid…on another note, The Gaslight Anthem FTW!!!…just had to put that out there…


I get the feeling that this orb is about on the same level as a certain sword of legend, if not more so.

Something nobody in their right mind would ever put up with and most that are not wouldn’t take it for very long either.

Silence is bliss. Get off my lawn ya crazy kids. Leave already. Can’t ya take a hint. Yoots these days. etc. etc.
(use a NY accent if you like)


I’d like to see what’s written on the other 96 1/2 signs… props to whatever party or parties put them up, if they came up with a different way to say “get lost, this means you” for each one. XD

Nice angle in the first panel – I like the subtlety of the shot, and the way the focus is on both Grace and Azrael as well as the landscape.


I think the braid is perfect. Depending on how I tight I braid my hair, I “dock” it between six inches to a foot and a half. Of course, since my hair is past my knees, such tricks are a must in my life.


Wait… if there are 100 and a half signs, are they all facing the same direction? Is there only one way to get to that location?


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