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Sit. Stay. Beg.

Color Sunday Afternoon. I’ve got a headache and I don’t think I can color it right now. Not a great excuse, but it’s the one I’m giving. XD

Um, not much else to say actually. Been kinda busy at work and slow at home so~ not much going on. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“What I’ve Done” by Linkin Park


:love: :love: :love: You have the one of the best webcomics on the planet and if I wasn’t broke I would donate billions of dollars to you!!! Lancelot is my new favorite character, except for all the other characters who are also my favorate character! *worships* “There’s this thing called ‘e-mail’” :lol2:


I love how both Lancelot and Mordred have this thing where they won’t admit they have friends =D


You know, that last panel is so much better in color. Who could take Mordred seriously when his hair is that garish shade of hot pink? XD


Poor Wiglaf, Lancelot is just jealous, and he knows it. :P And yes, it’s funny how both Lancelot and Mordred like to deny being someone’s friend, i.e Wiglaf and Mordred. :D


Hee! Lancelot is now a favourite. And Mordred… :lol2: …But what’s taking Driver? I thought she leapt up a couple panels ago…? :raisebrow:


…………………………………………. -facepalm-
Wiglaf… why do you deny you have a thing for Mordred? Or are you really THAT clingy? x3

(btw, why hasn’t Mordred bothered to fix his hair. And please please please keep Wiglaf with short hair, it is hawt as hell <3 )


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