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Skirt Suits Are Fashionable

Okay, so I didn’t do the water kilt. I remembered water is clear and that would have defeated the purpose of putting Boss in clothes to hide his nakedness. :P

So I compromised and put him in a water-inspired skirt instead. Boss approved. He’s quite fond of suits.

(*whisper* WaM’ll be late on Sunday. I can already tell. xD)

Edit: My prediction became half true. What actually happened is I got distracted by something I was working on and then realized I only had an hour of Sunday left and decided that…I would just skip this one. I could sit here and rush a comic strip out in 50 minutes but that’s not fun for anyone. So I will see you on Wednesday. And hopefully I figure out my second monitor situation so I can start streaming again. In the meantime, Enjoy Boss’ skirt for an extra three days. Because I’m still tickled by it myself. He has good taste.


Haha, I was wondering about that.
I was thinking ‘yeah you could put him in a water kilt but, you wouldn’t really be able to show it to us cause the naughty bits would still be visible’


LOL. I really didn’t expect that, but it’s hillarious :D
I expected the water would move and be bubbly, so it would somehow cover him better than nothing at all.
But this kilt-suit is pretty awesome :)


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