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Small Price To Pay


…doing something? Oh. Sleep…yes….

(Oh – I got TF2!! :D Haven’t played online yet – but I gotz it. Steam User: GreyLiliy)

More Random – I finally found a girl I want to cosplay as – Marller from Ah! My Goddess. She’s awesome:

Song Listening Recommendation:

“How You Like Me Now?” by The Heavy


Ha ha… don’t look so awkward Sigrdrifa. He is a lucky twelve year old boy. XD

And yay for TF2 on Mac! My steam handle is Backlash, should anyone like to play. :)


So, the avid collecting of covert garments continues. ^_^ Hnaef drives a hard bargain. You can do that when you control information. XD

Sigrdrifa’s sheepish facial expressions look nice. They bring a lot of character to her face. Well done.


This kid has access to one of the most efficient spy networks in existance.

Think about what’s going to happen once this kid *really* hits puberty.

Every young women on the planet should begin checking for hidden cameras.


It’s true. XD They should fear. Right now he’s still in that curious I haven’t hit puberty yet stage. XD


I was once a twelve year old boy, and speaking from that experience, I can tell you that, puberty or not, the cameras are already in place.


Ah, Hnaef… What a great way to work in out-bidding someone… The little creep :D Also, yay for TF2! The silliest shooter I’ve ever played!


Yay for Marller! I’ve always had affection for that demoness. I’d have for my henchma… henchPERSON anytime.

from an Equal Opportunity employer of henchpeople,


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