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Smart To Wait Until They Left

Oh Mordred. When will you ever learn you can’t get away?

We’re going a little old school. Before my plot lines ran away from me, I had originally meant to meet Wiglaf’s parents way back when they were camping. Not sure what happened but now the storyline is now. YESH. So hopefully a little old school Wiglaf & Mordred teasing before getting back to Sedrick and his angst-ville fun times.

Now…to work on my ¬†OCT Audition before it’s due. xD *will post links when everything is finished* Yay!

“This is the song that never ends~”

Yes. It is now stuck in your brain. Repeating. Forever.


Liliy, Wiglaf obviously wanted to wait until Sweden was chairing the Arctic Council in order to return to his home country. You see, now he can do something about that polar bear who punched him, by influencing how the Arctic Council treats warming and resource issues within the Arctic Ocean and surrounding countries. That’s why he hijacked your intentions to introduce his family earlier. ^_^

That said, the changes in timeline make me wonder if the thoughts you had about Wiglaf’s family make-up and how Mordred will interact with them have changed since then. *Is intensely curious.*


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA XD Oh gosh, I just totally flashed back to #23 when security called them a couple… Cuz Wiggy seems so excited, like he’s taking his Boyfriend to meet the folks!! XD Mwahahaha, subtle fanservice for the win ;)


Oh my god, this is gonna be a riot!

Oh, guys, make sure to step by the Movie thread in the forums. So fay nobody else posted in it, so I’m gonna be very very sad unless someone does.


Yield to your fate, Mordred! There is no escape! XD

It’s going to be very interesting to meet Wiglaf’s parents. Now we can learn more about how Wiglaf was brought up, and how well Mordred can handle himself when meeting new folks. Nice job drawing all of Wiglaf’s enthused expressions.


well at lest it is unlikely for them to get caught up in the hostile take over if they are at Wiglaf’s house. heck Mordred just might be in more trouble than anyone at the Garrott estate


I was singing the never-ending song to Shane and my friend Levi while driving around Louisville the other night. Oh the irony. : P


That song has been running continuously in the background of my mind since I first heard it way back when. It just fades in and out depending on the distractions of the moment like ….. squirrel dodges Lamborghini … @_@


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