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Smile Back; It Likes You

Ack. Too much to talk about today. But read it all! Please. Yay! *hyper and sleep deprived*

The Comic: Gawain reveals his awesome pendant thing. It is a solid stone & yes there is a creepy smiley face carved into it. Hagen does not like pendant. Hee.

The Cameo: Mordred is jumping universes.

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The Random: Starcraft II is awesome. Plain & Simple. It’s reminded me of a great love for Southern Drawls and country music. And Tychus Findlay. Heck. Yeah.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Red Light” by David Nail


FIRST COMMENT? I knew being an insomniac was good for something!
The pendant is so very…


That’s gonna end up being the Orb of Bliss I’m guessing. :P


The second panel was pure excellence in every way, gloomy background, ominous foreshadowing and oblivious comedy.

Hmmmm. I wonder if Gawain literally falls to pieces without his pendent, like turns into a pile of severed limbs disconnected from a headless torso.

And I’m suddenly a huge fan of Gawain and Hagen.


Voted! Hope you win!

Also they really are a good pair! They’re fun to have on frame, hope they stick around a while =)


the pendant is so cute! ^(=>.<=)^, oh and holy crap i saw that! How the heck did Mordred end up in that comic? (which i'm reading now) and what is he doing? (=~.~=)


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