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Smoothies Take Priority



Song Listening Recommendation:

“The Good Left Undone” by Rise Against


Stops are the second best part of road trips! (Second to actually getting where you’re going, anyways.) You see so many cool things, and can get so many incredible snacks! We took a trip from Texas to Florida (it was really long, but incredible stops along the way) and some of the snacks we found along the way were great! The best donuts and peanut brittle I’d ever tasted….AND…<..> Buffalo jerky. Also deer jerky. Tasted better than it sounds….

Hnaef, if you’re not paying for it, then take it, TAKE IT. XD


I love the panel with Security handing a smoothie to Hnaef. Security really knows what he’s doing when it comes to building interpersonal relationships with key people. And yeah, smoothies DO take priority! :cool:

Heh heh. Pretty soon, Horatio is gonna push Driver too far. :happy:

BTW, this would make a great theme song for Driver:


Ha ha; my first thought was “Bubblegum Pop…Driver? 0_0 ”

But the second half of those lyrics are pretty accurate. XD


Maybe hes just a bit thick on the head…i mean, he leaves his wife to save a man who may not be alive! (At this moment)


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