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Smores Would Be Nice

Sorry it’s late. Bible Study eats up my Thursdays every other week. Worth it though. XD And it’s only 15 minutes…heh.

Also – Spectacular Spiderman. Good. Freaking. Stuff. XD Why do I always discover this stuff years after it’s been canceled?

“Spectacular, Spectacular, Spectacular, Spiderman~”

-Take a guess.


In five minutes, Wiglaf could rule the world.


…you know, I think you’re right. All he has to do is to have an international speech, threaten everyone with his superpowers (and charm everyone too…) and poof, the world’s his.

Quite sad that the ones that don’t want to be evil are still better than Mordred…


Aw, I think Azrael is feeling a mite put out that Wiglaf has to actually try to beat someone who isn’t him. That’s adorable. <3 Also, I'm kind of with Bliss on this issue. Where are the priotites here?! Melted goodness first, cessation of wholesale destruction second.

If Bliss wasn't there, I could picture a team-up followed shortly by a "we must never speak of this again" moment.

Though what I'd really like to see is Azrael call for his fangirls and make them deal with it. For the lulz.


It’s not too late. It could still happen. If Bliss is feeling contrary. And since magical item rebellion seems to be the theme of the day…

(Please please please let it happen!)



^(=0.0=)^ i got the marshmallows and chocolate!!! anyone got graham crackers? SMORES!SMORES!SMORES! *pulls out a stick and starts roasting chestnuts* when the weather outsided is frightful and the fire is so delightful…(=^.^=)


Oh, look: Wiglaf’s turtleneck fulfilled its function, for once, preventing him from getting cut. Camlann must be really good.

Poor Generic (or his poor landlord). His property value has just hit rock bottom, and a large portion of his art’n'artifact collection is in a great deal of danger.

Nice work on this, Liliy. It’s probably difficult to work on that sort of background without things clashing or getting too busy.


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