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Heh; been waiting the whole arc for this part. XD

Poor, poor Azrael. He broke a few ribs with that one. Heh.

*cracks back* Been a busy week. But I’ve actually kinda’ enjoyed all the time away from the computer. Reminded me that there is *gasp* A life away from the computer and friends that I have with flesh and blood. Go figure. XD

Wish I could say I was done with the mixed up routine…but I’ve already got bridal showers, weddings, and a trip on my calendar so I have a feeling things are going to be pretty crazy until December. Fun~

Either way. *hugs Azrael* It’ll be okay man!

Oh – And Keep Voting! Today’s the Last day for Round 2!!!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“If I Die Young” by The Band Perry


Wow. That HAD to hurt. I almost actually feel sorry for Azrael. Though if he’d listened to Grace, for once it would have been a positive thing.

Though I do wonder why Grace would particularly care about Azrael specifically… Yes, I am aware this will be shown later. XD


OH HOLY FLAMING EXPLETIVES BATMAN! Th-this is terrible! The orb of Bliss is cancelling out any supernatural abilities! Unfortunately for Azrael, Wiglaf’s abilities are all natural.


Good shot of Wiglaf winding up his punch in panel 4. And he looks very funny in panel 7 when he is surprised by his punch’s effectiveness. XD Azrael certainly took a lot of damage on that one. It’s back to the Valkyries’ hospital for him. XD


*Snerk* Poor Azzy. He never knew what hit him… Well I guess he did, but still :D Wiglaf looks oh so confused.


You can tell a hero from an anti-hero or even a villain by one key sign: a true hero will show concern over his or her enemies, while one with no heart will show only scorn or apathy.

Yes, Wiglaf, being perfect may be your shtick and being a hero only an affection… but by your concern here, you show that being a hero? is something that goes to the very core of your being.

Rob H.


Ooooohhh Poor Azzy!!!! i wonder if he can even hear Grace anymore? I mean, if Bliss is active and Grace can’t touch Az or help him then Azrael probably can’t hear him telling him to run!! D:


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