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Whoo~ Little bits of everything today. And Backgrounds. Curse them. Curse them!!

Lots of mini-annoucements:

Wiglaf & Mordred spotted at Lunar & Kirk

TGT Voting Continues You can vote once a day & I’m in Bracket 5! :D

…I think I had another one but I can’t think of it now. Huh.

Protoss rule. <3

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Stand (Man or Machine)” -The Protomen


Arthur seems very confused, poor man. XD Love the little pink dragon behind him.
This is cute, little snapshots of everyone. ^-^ Very nice.


Ah. We get a glance into life, as seen by Hnaef. He keeps all those strings going in his head, no wonder he likes soap operas.


One of the best quotes of the comic is definitely, “Shut up. Buy me this.” That could go on t-shirts for sure (if it was amended, perhaps, to “Shut up. Buy me thiNGS.”) :D


Terran Pride!
Down with the Dominion!

Turns out you CAN make my day in two words or less.

Anyway: If I was all alone I’d hang out with my dragons too.
Also, I wonder if it is ‘the company card’ they’ll be using.


Speaking of Starcraft, I still haven’t finished the Terran campaign on the original XD But I read up on the rest of the story through the books, so I’m all set for no. 2.

And I’m betting it IS the company card. ;)


I havent’ played through the original at all ( I think I got one level in…) . XD I just watched the recap for Game 2.


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