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So Close…

So okay, I’m sitting there drawing WAM and my Bro comes in:

“Hey, you wanna see Twilight at 10:20?”


So then we go out to the movie, and I’m all prepared to do WAM when we get back, and then – Divine Intervention: The theatre’s air conditioning blew and the theatre filled with smoke. We never even got inside. The lesson?

“Thou shall not blow off WAM to go watch glittering vampires.”

Ironically, WAM will still be late. But by 30 or so minutes instead of a couple hours. In the meantime, enjoy this in progress shot of where I stopped working on WAM at 10:00PM.

Edit: Uploaded the finished comic….okay so it was an hour late. Heh. Boudica’s the luckiest girl in the world right now. :D

Here’s the in progress sketch I had up earlier if you’re interested.



Poor Boudica… there wasn’t anything around her or anything either… XD And Wiglaf looks a little stunned in that last panel.


if only all the Garrotts were clumsy like that, it would make Wiglaf’s job of foiling there plots a lot easier.


Security + Boudica = Fantastic Couple :D

Heh heh. Boudica’s really lovable no matter what she does–whether she’s striding onstage or just being clumsy. XD


:happy: Poor Boudica, she’s the only lighthearted, bubbly member of the Garrott family, hard to believe she’s related to Mordred.

It seems like you’re picking on all of your characters lately, Liliy, it’s quite humourous.. :D

And on a side note, is Ruby Red a guy or a girl? With the name I’d say girl, but Ruby looks more like a guy, but that might be like how Driver is.


Ruby Red? That announcer guy from the Fifth Element? If that’s a reference to him you just made my day.


Yah! for references i finally get! i read that and was like…’that guy reminds me of Ruby from FIfth Element’ that is one good freakin’ movvie. oh and random question but what word is that in panel 6 in that pentagon thingie with wiglaf? cause i can’t read it…


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