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So He Does Listen…Damn

Mordred is also observant. He also really likes to hear himself talk. But you guessed that, I’m sure. ^_-

I had way too much fun thinking up random things for him to use as proof that he pays attention to his ‘servants.’ Way, way too much fun. Shame I didn’t come up with more. Ah well. Enjoy the random factoid tidbits about two cast members. :P


Now you have to remember all those random facts so they don’t mess you up in future episodes. Backgrounds look a little more spring than fall.


Haha! Too many hilarious things here. Poor Driver–she’s really a blonde? Must be uncomfortable trying to hide it. And it must be embarrassing for her that Mordred knows about the shrine. XD

I like Driver’s taste in books. ^_^


I noticed that the background colors are purple and green. Wiglaf’s favorite color is green and Driver’s is purple. Planned or coincidence I wonder?


1) ‘Driver likes Lackey or she wouldn’t have given him a nickname’
2)’We should invest in buying him anmp3 or something…with headphones and an arm clip’


Morotskaka=Swedish Carrot Cake
I never knew that.

Archive trawling is so much fun :D


Apparently he really is perfect at everything, including picking favorite desserts. I will do anything if you bribe me with carrot cake, so I think Wiglaf has good taste. :P

Thanks for explaining what it is. I never knew that either!


I saw it and wondered what on earth it was, so I googled it(granted, every website that popped up needed to be google translated so I could read it) and, it turned out to be carrot cake.


I really should have thought of Googling it sooner, but it never occurred to me. I actually did find a recipe for Morotskaka in English, though. (The website was called Gretchen’s Cookbook, if you’d like to look for it?)


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