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So Mordred DOES Have Competition

The only thing Arthur loves as much as his brother are his dragons. That have yet to be seen. Mwa ha ha ha. In due time. In due time.

But at the moment, I have a query. So if possible, after your regular comments on the strip (my ego loves the stroking), could you please answer this question:

The next time we see Wiglaf and Mordred, I’m planning on starting a whole new arc that will involve a significant jump in time. So, would you rather like to hang out with Arthur and Sedrick (or possibly Janus, Safir and Goeffry) for a while longer – or just jump right into the new arc with Wiglaf and Mordred? I could go either way at the moment so I figured I’d ask what you guys would like to see. ^_^ Thanks so much!


*Can’t beathe.* *Laughing too hard.* Arthur, Arthur, you should have gotten your dragon sexed before putting it out to breed!

Sedrick had to deal with an employee benefits meeting? Poor man. Poor, poor man.

I like the detail of the architect’s desk in the background. Nice work on that, Liliy!

Eh, hang around with Arthur, Sedrick, Janus, and Goeffry for a while, if you’ve got the ideas to spare. Wiglaf and Mordred need some time to work out some scratches and dents now that things have somewhat normalized.


Ha ha; I should just blow them all away and have a few strips featuring Safir’s story book. XD

But right now… *sleeps*


*Re-reads comic.* Wow. That project really WOULD require the use of a t-square.

Safir’s storybook? *Curious.* *Very curious.* I have GOT to talk with you on a more regular basis.


Hahaha! Liliy, you get extra applause for Arthur’s dialogue about the dragons. It immediately reminds you of his frenetic devotion to Mordred and applies that freneticism to his pet dragons. Funny! *clapping*

I sympathize with Sedrick 100%–employee benefits meetings can be a real pain. They’re necessary, but still a pain. And don’t even get me started on the aggravation caused when an office’s power generator malfunctions (speaking from personal experience). Nice touch on giving Sedrick a cup of coffee; he definitely needs a coffee break. XD

I wonder what Arthur’s engineering designs look like for the automatic dragon feeder. And what will he design next? Maybe he could design a catapult, or one of those siege towers on wheels for attacking castles! Mwa ha ha ha.

I vote for more Arthur and Sedrick comics for a while. As characters, their chemistry is good and creates amusing scenes. Nice job!

Ego-stroking is fun. ^_^


w00t! Lol, that ones pretty hard to understand.^^

I wanna see big arc with Wigalf and Morded! I love those 2.^^ These guys are great, but a big arc with the main 2 I would prefer.


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