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So Much Naked Rage

He’s destroyed cities before, but never quite been so motivated to cause that much destruction. Only time will tell.

Thanks again for being patient with me! I’m going to try and make sure Friday’s strip is on time, but it might be late, too. XD Just your heads up!

Edit: My computer crashed again so uh, that Friday strip isn’t happening. I’ll see you guys on Sunday & thank you for reading.


(you missed an ‘f’ in ‘off’)

‘Naked Rage’ Ahaha.


Ah, no, you see, he isn’t going to wipe the region off the map.
Instead, there’s a region of the map which he is going to wipe. Squeaky clean.
Because it’s currently dusty.
With his corpse-ash.


“Aw, come ON! What’s even the point of that?! Are you proud of yourself?! Congratulations, you can now rest secure in the fact that, at one point, you pissed me off!” <== Handsome Jack in Borderlands 2 when you help Claptrap destroy his statues out of spite. Dameon Clarke is a pretty good voice headcanon for Boss, though.


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