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So Much To Do!

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Or what’s left of it. I would have done a pin-up, but I forgot it was Valentine’s Day until I was done. Lol.

I thought I’d be unhappy with this strip, but surprisingly, I’m very happy with it. Mordred’s being cute. I love how Wiglaf turned out. I feel good. *pats the four-panel format that WaM started as and is a comfort to draw* XD


Edit: I got a new toy and I want to play with it. That’s it. That’s why there’s no strip tonight. LOL. It’s weird, but it feels good to skip because I’m excited about something for a change. XD I’ll see you guys on Friday!


Can we suggest some possible activities for them to put into the box? I have some good ideas…


Sure! Whether I do it or not, it’ll be fun to think about. XD

(And thank you for all the kind comments. They really brightened my day!)


You’re welcome! Your comics brighten MY day! (:
Okay, so here are some of my ideas.
1) Go see a circus
2) Water skiing
3) Take an art class (learn to paint, I dunno. It would be funny for the professional artists to be jealous of Wiglaf.)
4) Synchronized swimming! XD
5) Tour of Wiglaf’s hometown
6) GIGANTIC Library visit
Also, here are some more compliments because I feel like being nice today. I love your drawing style, you have an effortless sense of humor, your kitty icon with the strawberries is adorable, the plots in your stories are absolutely intriguing and hysterical, and it’s super awesome that you update WaM 3 times a week. Seriously, that’s super impressive. You have gotten SO much better at drawing since you started, and your characters are so lovable. Thank you for WaM!


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