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Some Order Required

Madame Garrott still loves her children.

She’s not going to let Arthur really hurt his sister. Lol. Just kidnap her for a while or something. Lol.

Edit: Hey, guys. I wasn’t feeling so hot (well, not feeling so hot right now lol) and took Wednesday night off to chill. Work was super busy and my stomach’s been hurting. xd; I’ll see you guys on Friday.

Edit 2: It is Friday and while I don’t feel ill, I’m exhausted. I got home from work early and kinda fell asleep (or basically did; I was half awake) all afternoon. Hung out with my bro for a bit and shopped but by the time I got home I wasn’t up for much & had a headache. I guess this isn’t my week. Xd; I’ll see you guys on Sunday. I’m going to bed soon. >.>;


I thought that the entire plan was to piss off other Villains and frame Janus for it. Arthur having any control over anyone who directly attacks Janus is NOT a part of the plan (only self defence when Janus realises what Arthur’s doing).


She’s telling him to pick his targets wisely because Arthur has significant control over who he attacks, if not who attacks Janus. So long as Arthur doesn’t do anything fantastically stupid like peas off dozens of villains all at once or assassinate major state leaders, Janus can absolutely take care of herself. (Her last name alone should deter most from retaliating)


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