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Someone Is Lying

THE TOUR. I need to work up my energy and motivation because I am going to have to actually draw this candy factory aren’t I? XD


Wish me luck. Work is a thing. *shakes fist at full time job thing that allows me to buy games and other entertainment but also takes up a significant amount of time and drains my little introvert social meter like crazy*

Edit: I am bummed by a “Non important thing but I’m still upset about it” (Magia Record is closing it’s English server and it’s one of my favorite Mobile Games & I LOVE the Madoka Magica universe). So I’ve got Taco Bell. A Switch. And whatever else I’ll need for a night of “Cheering myself up!” I also bought piping bags so I can up my Macaron game tomorrow. o-o I’ll see you guys on Sunday!

Edit: Hey, guys. I hate skipping twice in a row but I feel like dirt. I’m not sick, but my stomach hurts and I’m just ready to pass out. I don’t think I could think straight to properly draw WaM if I wanted to. I’ll see you on Wednesday (of which I will hopefully be feeling better). And if you’re curious, the Friday Night me-time was a success and I actually had a pretty good Saturday. :D

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