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Someone’s Grounded

This arc is almost over. The whole meeting of Boss & Everything was more an introduction…so they can come back later. XD Mwa ha ha ha ha.

Anyway, enjoy the strip.

And I’m…just going to run in another direction now. Because of that last panel.


Song Listening Recommendation:

“Forever and Always” by Taylor Swift, the Piano version! :D


Hmm… Seems that he either saved everyone then got grounded. Or though he saved them but was grounded. Also, we need a better shot of young Security. See if anything changed or he’s just become a Mini-me.


ASDFGH~! Little Security is the most adorable thing ever!!! *squee*

Hopefully he hasn’t lost his science though… Otherwise he could get in a lot of trouble with Mr. Garrot and everyone else who is mad at/doesn’t like him.


Uh oh! Security just lost his teleportation ability. Now his friends won’t be able to rely on a miraculous rescue. I guess in his bosses’ eyes, Security has abused his privileges too often.

Interesting that part of Security’s punishment is being reduced to a boy in his early teens. Did his bosses decide to deprive him of age-related abilities like the ability to drive a car? If so, that would ground him even more.


I’m suddenly wanting Security and Hnaef to dress up as Wiglaf and Mordred for Halloween (minus the shonen ai overtones, sorry the two of them would still be squicky to me)


wonders if security’s clothing got shrunk too cuz it looks like it did. but then again all we see is the shoulders.
hmmm… security will need to borrow clothes the fit right probably unless his security uniform is magical enough to shrink with him and stays permaclean.


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