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Soon To Be Crowded

It’s up! :D Whooooo


Plug: Transformers: Windblade is an amazing comic series and you should read it. :D


Edit: Happy Canada Day! (Because it is the 1st of July when I made this edit. Whoo!). Also, WaM’ll be up late Wed. night because I got distracted by a web game and currently only have like half a sketch of the next page. I’m pathetic and lacking in will power. I know. The Green Lantern core would be ashamed of me. But at least I’m honest about it. :D


Oh goodness. What a predicament, quite a jam.

Strawberry jam….

=w= This would be funnier if they were Jam spuds rather than jelly spuds


There seems to be a problem with the website: On the last few comics at least, the “last” link is the same as the “next” list.


That is an unfortunate side-effect of the site’s caching. The links update once a week and/or when someone comments on a page. I’m aware of the issue. XD;


I need to share this before I forget, so… Reading WaM before bed leads to interesting dreams. Basically Security used his, tech stuff(whatever it might be) to figure out what Fuxiyiya’s jelly blobs were up to and they were basically replacing more people, including Vilhelm, Linnea and Driver(I think there were more but those were the only ones I remember). And of course Driver in trouble just makes Morded more unhappy. And Security basically tells him that he’s gonna have to help with this because it’s to much for him alone. And the last two pages where all real dramatic with that and Mordred making some comment about ‘his time to shine’ or something like that.


Woah. The weirdest dream I’ve ever had relating to WaM involved Safir, Herschell, and an ice cream truck. Basically Safir thought Herschell was Grendel when he visited Mordred in an Ice cream truck.


Alas, I could have helped keep you from getting distracted, but I was celebrating Canada Day by watching fireworks(and the stream was over by the time I got home).


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