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Sound Logic

If you don’t know how to end an arc….go with Lance’s plants. Mwa ha ha.

And Sunday we’ll be with…actually. A Pin-up. I keep forgetting I still have Pair-a-Thon prizes to give out. XD *cough*

Also. TIFFANY. XD <3 Her.

EDIT: I removed the tags from the side-bar & the Emoticon Toolbar. >.> I’m trying to optimize the site best I can right now to reduce loading time/cpu load. Sorry!!! I’m pretty sure the emotes still work though if you just use them like normal… :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Na Na Na” by Tiffany


That’s funny, Liliy. I thought we agreed quite a while ago, in that gravel parking lot across the street, that if you find a hole in the ground, the only thing to do was, “Kick rocks into it.”

This just proves Lance is crazy. Imagine! Planting a seed in a perfectly good hole instead of kicking rocks into it! Scandalous and illogical. :happy:


Looks like Lance has OCPD. Obsessive Compulsive Planting Disorder.
He should see a not mad Doctor about that…. :lol:


well at lest it dosen’t look dangerous.


True. It doesn’t have jaws, and it isn’t hissing! That can only be a good thing.

inb4 poisonous spores.


Actually, it looks more to me like a pitcher plant, which means it’s got nectar so sweet, it will lure everybody within sniffing distance to climb into its deep, planty bowels to be slowly digested in perfume.

Though it wouldn’t be surprising if Lance modified the plant so that the victim’s end would come as a super fast digestion in perfume rather than a prolonged one, since slow and agonizing death by digestion would put the plant at high risk of victim flail-damage…


Wow, Lancelot sure produced a gigantic bouquet in that one hole. I’m sure there has to be somebody who would like a bouquet that size to stick in their backyard. Somebody. XD


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