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Sounds Simple Enough

Posting late like this makes me wonder how many of you actually sit and check WAM at midnight US Eastern time. XD

Also, it has been a very long time since I’ve drawn Mordred with his black hair; I’ve almost forgotten pink isn’t the normal color. That’s sad…

*yawns* Enjoy the comic. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Comatose” by Skillet


I’m asleep at midnight eastern time. XD

Mordred’s hair was black? :P

I like how you have that fossil framing Wiglaf. It’s a nice touch. :3

And I’m sorry to hear about your cat. *hugs*


…*snort* Oh wow, that’s….weird XD; I’m gonna love seeing how this turns out~

You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mordred would actually help Wiglaf, just to mess with his sister…


Those are nice-looking backgrounds with rocky textures. I also like how you fixed the top and bottom panels so the backgrounds are divided between plain and rocky.

It should be very fun to see how they go about infiltrating the Garrott Mansion and getting Geoffry out of there. And Mordred will probably go along with it just to cause trouble for Janus after all her smothering of him. XD


Seeing as midnight Eastern time is only 9 o’clock for me, I check comics quite frequently. Not yesterday though. Too bad.


Good comic, I am enjoying it. However, I do have an inquiry… you’ve refered to Wiglaf’s shirt as ‘Chainmail’ but it seems to be more of Scalemail, — seeing as how it looks more like scales then interlinked chains. (Though I can’t blame you. Chains are annoying as heck to draw.)


It’s chainmail. I just don’t have the patience any more to sit and actually draw the interlocking links. XD


=P,Totally understandable there …>^.~<,,, – Still shoulda called it Scalemail though – since Scalemail is actually more defense then Chainmail, and chainmail can be put under it for additional defense, ^.^~^.^<~<3 Muhahahahahahahahaha then I could raise an army of undead and equip them with weapons and armor and march to take over the world!!!!!! *Koff Koff* I mean.. uhhh. Carry on. Continue, – so on and so forth… /sneaks away/


Mordred’s hair going back to black will make me sad, but both colors suit him so I’m not going to cry too many buckets over it.


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