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I got home from work today (Tuesday, aka the day I draw WAM and actually write these posts…) at 10:30 PM. I go to bed around 11:00PM in order to wake up in time to get to work.

I’m happy I got the sketch done. *twitching* I need sleep.

And Azrael’s working his way into favorite character. Sedrick might be getting jealous.

Edit: Color’s up. *yawn* We’ll see how Friday’s update goes. I promised my bro I’d take him to the movies Thursday night. And with the way work’s been going I’m not sure if I’ll have time or not to color.

Oh, and here’s the sketch that was up most of the day.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“High School Never Ends” by Bowling For Soup


“I’ll hit you later.” XD

Heh heh. Arthur and Sedrick aren’t having any fun–Arthur because he can’t talk to Mordred, and Sedrick because he’s just bored by the show. :lol2: And look at Safir fooling around in his seat with Wolfy. :lol:

Nice touch with Azrael’s theologically inspired poetry. *Laughing hard*


a sword playing piano… *hmmmm*

and poor Wiglaf, i thought his “Ill hit you later” line was great but then he was completely showed up by Azrael :(


Yay for some classic Wiglaf/Mordred comedy. :D

And listen Azrael go! And you definatly could not do any better Grace. :P

Man, Arthur and Sedrick are BORED. And Sedrick looks so short and like a kid in this strip. :happy:

Well what did you expect, Janus? Bringing a little kid to a piano concert? He was bound to fidget around. :P :happy:


Is it just me or is Mordred all snuggled up next to Wiglaf? *SQUEEEE* cute! :happy:

And I feel sorry for Grace. To be told by your owner/pet/friend/red-headed thing that you can’t do better must be crushing. All that sword’s petals will wilt… :worry:


I agree, Mordred snuggled up to Wiglaf is cute. Daha, his reaction is so funny. Azreal is the one that cracks me up. Squealing fangirl jokes get me every time~
And then just boredom. I see a big long “Meh” in those three panels. XD XD


What does Janace expect form like a 6 year old of course they aren’t going to sit still the
though a concert/ Kids probably bored to death.


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