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Spiteful Thing

Hey. Strip got done. Funny enough it almost didn’t ’cause my computer threw a fit in the middle and I almost couldn’t save my work. I had to restart the entire thing. Thankfully I got it to save, but still. >.>;; Kinda stressful.


Man, I can’t take another week like the last one. I’m really hoping this one goes better. Cross your fingers for me.

Edit: This week is going…slightly better. I skipped orchestra practice on Monday (really tired) and had some fun with friends Tuesday night, but work still carries that tense atmosphere from last week. Tomorrow one of my coworkers is leaving early, so I’m just going to prepare for tomorrow to be nuts and go to bed early tonight after some calming knitting. Been re-teaching myself how to do it & tonight I broke out the circular needles. :D I’ll see you guys on Friday!

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Um, Camlann, if you can mess with their colouration, you may be able to mess with your own. Why don’t you give yourself some hair colours or something, and dress yourself in a colour other than silver?


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