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Status Matters

This strip was almost called “Kitty Face Palm” since that seemed to be the ustream’s favorite moment. XD

You can tell they’ve been living together for a while. Oh Roommates. I remember my first cleaning argument in college with my roomies. Though mine ended with a story about dust bunnies ruling the world.

Poor Sedrick, he’s being ignored. *pats him*

EDIT: Fixed the typo.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Whisper” by Evanescence


Oh how cute….
I think that by now, it’s obvious. ‘I hate you’ means ‘I love you’ coming from Mordred. <3


How cute. They’re like an old married couple.

Also, the return of the infamous “I hate you” line. Oh how I’ve missed it.


Public Service Announcement: Do not pat your Sedrick unless you are willing to lose your hand. That is all.

/me watches with interest, pulling out a bowl of popcorn.


Oh dear God, I adore the relationship that Wiglaf and Mordred have. Those two are so adorable!

And HAH-HAH, Sedrick, you’re just going to have to sit there and be exasperated for all they care. Hmph.

…I kid, I love him too. XD


Their quarrel is very brilliant, full of laughs and illustrative character traits. Wiglaf believes in pulling together regardless of one’s station in life, while Mordred believes a royal status entitles him to certain privileges. He does not tolerate being treated as less than what he believes himself to be. XD


…how IS he still conscious, anyway? Wiglaf most likely asked it in frustration but it’s a legitimate question. By now I’d expect most people to at least be in shock if proper medical attention hadn’t been put to a knife wound to the gut…

Then again, he IS his father’s son. I suppose I just need to get used to Mordred surprising me. This isn’t the first time.


Mordred is always full of surprises! XD

Wiglaf when will you learn that Mordred does what he wants no matter what lol

i love them both!


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