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Still In The Car

Driver has the patience of saints after living with Mordred for all those years. It only got better with Wiglaf around. XD

Also, during when this was getting drawn, I was in the middle of Camp NaNoWriMo and going crazy. XD So there’s no strip on Friday ’cause I was too busy marathon writing. ;D


A thought just occurred to me.

Supposedly, the three things that can see the spirits attached to an artifact are the owner, the undead, and dogs.

We know Gawain can see Grace.

We obviously know that the owners can see those spirits.

But….why have we never heard of Herschell complaining about Grendel complaining about Bliss? Has it just always been off-panel? Was that not really one of the loopholes to visibility, and nobody bothered telling the artifacts? Or is it proof that Grendel isn’t really a dog? (Or maybe the dog’s just good at ignoring Bliss. Doubt it, though. Only Mordred’s that good at (feigning?) ignorance.)

Especially considering they had all three of those artifacts in that apartment, and apparently none of them noticed the dog who may or may not have ever been able to see them. (And both Grace and Bliss have said that they’re visible to canines.)


Grendel is better at ignoring things than his master. That about sums it up, honestly. He can see and hear Bliss. The dog just doesn’t care. XD


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