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Stop Being Right, Wiglaf

Arthur’s dropped his game so much, he’s forgotten how to be a villain.

Of course Mordred’s worried!!

A coworker is taking Vacation this week, so my time at the office is either going to be quiet or super stressful and I’m not sure which one it’ll be until I’m in it. o-o; Wish me luck!

Edit: So, as I mentioned in a comment down below…this work week is turning out to be a mix of both. Relatively quiet for me, but super busy for everyone else and more people are on vacation than I realized. o-o;; Atmosphere carries stress over, I am telling you. However, I didn’t skip today because WaM because work was bad, I’m skipping because I haven’t been sleeping all week and Thursday & Friday are going to be my busy days.  I’m going to bed and I should see you Friday. o-o

Edit (on Friday!): HEY. I am seeing you. It is Friday. I am here. I had the busiest day I’ve had all week. I was literally running around the entire time I was at work. And then I had a party to go to. I’m tired and I was social for three hours (a good thing, but oh my gosh, I am such an introvert I’m done). I am…going to read and go to sleep. WaM on Sunday for sure though. A new week. A fresh start. o-o


Clearly, Sedrick knocked Arthur a bit too hard in the head during the kidnapping.
I was looking at some of the earliest panels and thinking, wow, everyone looks so different! And there’s no color! Also, seeing Camlann as a sword was… WEIRD. On that note, will the cast page ever get updated? Not in like… a “update now” way, just a curiosity way.


Honestly, at this point it’s doubtful the cast page gets updated. Not from lacking of wanting to, just from “I keep forgetting and it’s not a priority” sort of thing.


Ah well. I suppose it’s for the best. Think of all the spoilers it would contain! (Not that it doesn’t already, but still…)


Quiet or Stressful?
Why not both?
The power is within you.
For you have to power.
You have intimate knowledge of your victim.
And knowing is half the battle.
So go forth and quietly drive that person to distraction.


I am way too amused that there is a place called Distraction Ridge. Thank you. XD

And the answer was indeed…both. Quiet for me. Stressful for a coworker and it carried over. o-o;


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