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Storm Coming

I’m happy with today’s strip. That hasn’t happened in a while. I think it’s because Sedrick came back.

And well, who doesn’t like Driver in a rage? XD

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Who couldn’t love Driver in a rage? I mean, I love it when people threaten to kill others and then do it again.

Awesome page… I so wish I could draw…


It’s taken me a few days but I finally managed to go through the ENTIRE ARCHIVE!!! (and yes, capslock necessary there)
Crap, girl! Could you have made a more addicting piece of crack? It’s awesome! I look forward to reading more.


Darn right, who doesn’t love Driver’s rages? :D

*Laughing* Arthur growling and then getting knocked out by Sedrick is a master stroke. :lol2:


:lol2: This page made me love Sedrick – and Driver… priceless! =D Somehow Mordred’s calm is scariest though. :shocked: Nah Mike, this is where even some, err, “sane” brothers (if such exist) would draw the line! :sly: :P


Well, Damn
I ditched sleep, and managed to go through the WHOLE FREAKING ARCHIVE
damn its addicing

supports driver on this completely.


So where is Wiglaf? he was as close as Driver in the last strip.

Good going Sedrick, I think Arthur did go off the deep end there.


XD Poor Arthur, he’s WAY too obsessed with his little brother. :P

But yay for Sedrick stopping him! :D Man, I love Sedrick, he’s worming his way into my favourite character.


Now now Driver there’s no need to go ripping out her spine…twice…there are ‘better’ ways to kill the little tramp (=^.^=) and by better i mean slow and painful…ah the wonders of horror movies and murder mystery novels…


At first I didn’t blink at Arthur’s comment, assuming (correctly?) he meant that kisses with Mordred needed to be consensual. But then it occurred to me to wonder if maybe Arthur’s comment referred to needing Arthur’s own permission. What if part of Mordred’s apparent lack of interest in dating is because it’s too much trouble dealing with how his siblings react whenever he has a date? (Now I’m imagining poor Mordred being emotionally scarred/frustrated by the number of times he’s been stood up… because his planned date received a death threat or had a fatal heart attack.)


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