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Straight To The Gut


Um. Yeah.

*wanders off*


I think I’m a bit lost – what did Sedrick do to Mr Garrott? I can’t imagine he’s annoyed about a little thing like a blood-soaked fight for power :)


He kind of stuck a knife in Mordred, and hurt Mr. Garrot’s wife. While he’d never baby Mrs. Garrot, he does care for her. She’s made his life most interesting. =^-^=


I vaguely recall Sedrick threaten the grandson, but I can’t seem to find the comic right now as I’m going to be late for work. Did find one with Mr. G and Security, and the hints at their relationship. Maybe that’s it?


Good catch. Yeah, I think that would be a major factor. Not that Seddy would have actually been able to harm the kid – the moment he started getting a bead on the kid or his hand got close… Mr. Garrot would be there, holding Sedrick’s still-beating heart in his hand and gently chiding him while his vision darkens.


Nothing to him directly, but he did hurt his family.
He maybe a super villain, but he still cares about his family.
He knifed Mordred, injured Arthur and Janus, did a considerable amount of damage to the finances, wounded Galen and Mrs. G.
He hurt Security too but, I dunno if that would Mr. G angry. Same goes for the dragons.


I agree with all you said.

The only thing is with Security, after he poofed away Mr. G said something about why he never just killed Security. Or something along those lines.


“All the employees are on strike because they refuse to work for me or Janus again. . .”

Maybe I’m misinterpreting this, but does this mean the employees preferred SEDRICK as their leader?? The psychotic sadist who wholeheartedly would have killed anyone who didn’t measure up to his standards???




Oh my. I wonder what happened to cause that. . .

Will we ever find out, Liliy? Pleeeeease?


Maybe they just liked working for someone who gets things done? That would be my assumption.

Working for Janus and Arthur, who have been established as far less successful than their parents, the organization can’t go far. Working for someone who will bring in money and power to the organization is more promising to the employees, if they can survive the change in management.

Also, I would imagine that killing everyone who didn’t meet Sedrick’s standards gave everyone who remained a lot of instant shots at promotions. It’s easy to see why they wouldn’t want to go back to the old static order after a taste of upward mobility.


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