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Straight To The Point, Lance

I call Lancelot “Lance” in my head so much I legit forget some days that’s not his full name. Lol.

Sorry about missing two in a row! I don’t know what’s been up with me the past couple of weeks but I need to get it together. *smacks cheeks*

Also, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is fun as heck. Highly recommend.

Edit: Found out on Thursday I’d be working back in the office on Monday. Kinda have mixed feelings about it. Either way, it’s Friday, time flew by, and now it’s really sinking in this stressful/not-stressful month working at home is ending. So I’m trying not to think about work and play video games. Luigi’s Mansion is calling (I’m liking what little I’ve played of 3 so much I wanted to play the first two games in order before going back to it). I will see you Sunday where on my live stream I will probably be lamenting the return to work on Monday and telling tales of my D&D session. XD I hope to see you there!


Speaking of names, has Lance ever been called the “Green Knight”? What with his Arthurian related name I wouldn’t be surprised if he has been called by the moniker at some point in his life.


I just laughed because it me he’s obsessed with plants which are green. Total accidental connection. Thank you. XD


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