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Stripes Suit Security

I can’t wait to get back to a storyline where I can just copy paste the same image four times in a row. XD *rubs shoulders* All these hours hunched over my computer is killing me. I need a laptop stand or something..or maybe a chair that doesn’t fold up and go with a card table set…heh.

Anyway, I like Azrael’s pose in this one – far too much to care if it’s accurate in any way shape or form. I have yet to bother to look up Fencing poses or references. Go me! Mwa ha ha ha ha.

And for the record – Sedrick’s records are always right. :D


We see Wiglaf’s green eyes! Hurrah! (And, yeah, Azrael’s pose is inaccurate unless he’s trying to put a funny bend in his sabre, but it is pretty darned cool.)

Stripes do suit Security. It must feel sort of funny to him, given he’s probably more used to seeing them on other people. His definition of a “clean” fight is pretty amusing. Do the colors radiating from him mean that he’s the complete and utter subject of this comic strip? That would make sense– he’s stealing the show. :D

It didn’t take much to shut Camlann up– Wiglaf must have been using his care-free devil eyes. X)

Beautiful work, Liliy. Sorry you were aching, but this is definitely worth the effort!


He’s not really pressing on his rapier, more like he’s stroking it…yes. We’ll go with that. :D

And Security always steals the show. It’s a mystery. And now…time for bed. *runs off*


My apologies, you’re correct: “rapier.” Just wasn’t thinking of the right word. And I’ll go with the idea that he’s stroking grace to be certain of her honed edges, sure. That makes sense.

Sweet dreams and good rest, Liliy. :)


You know, after hearing Security describe the “rules” of the battle,
I’m wondering whether his role as referee is superfluous. But then
again, I guess it would be his job to award points for wanton damage. XD

And yes, Azrael’s stance isn’t really a fencing position, but it’s
still neat-looking.

I’m curious: If the fight could go on for over a week, how will
Mordred and Brat be able to hang around that long? How will they eat?
I guess Security could take a break from his refereeing duties and
fix them something to eat while they watch the bout.


Wiglaf’s eyes are awesome!
And I love what security calls a good clean fight. XD
You’re effort is definatly worth it, great job^^!


i really don’t know what to do in these situations. i feel as though what i see was meant to be noticed, and yet- no one else who posts even mentions these things. am i…purposely looking for things like this? does that make me a bad person..? am i part of the reason so much of the world has so shallow and desensitized? does admitting any of this even excuse my behavior? Do i really care about expressing myself, or do i just want to do harm to others?

you know what- screw it. i’ll be bad today.

“Try to last longer this time. Your stamina was pathetic.”



First, to the reply above me: -snigger-

Second, to the comic: Is it me, or does Azreal look like some kind of vampire? It’s a good look for him. :3


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