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Sucks To Be You, Dude

And we get to see what goes on in the hotel next door. And yes, the forth panel is predictable. There’s no other possible way to follow up a statement like Madame Garrott’s without doing something like that forth panel. :D

Reader participation time!! What’s your favorite thing to find at a complimentary hotel breakfast buffet?

Me? Muffins. Yum.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“You’re Pitiful” by Weird Al


That argument over tiny soaps is the greatest thing ever. XD zombified

And how did she get him chained to the breakfast buffet so well? XD

And for favorite thing to find at a complimentary breakfast buffet? Chocolate donuts. Not chocolate frosted, but chocolate donuts, either glazed or with chocolate frosting (chocolate chocolate, yum). I’d die of happiness if I ever found them at a complimentary breakfast buffet. XD


A chained-up well-natured man in glasses wearing a pink shirt.

Uh, I mean, any fruit besides oranges, apples, or bananas.


2nd panel is a snapshot of my brother and I on family vacation. :) LOVE IT! (though I tend to let my husband out for fresh air a BIT more than Janus. a BIT)


Wait. Madame Garrott is staying in Mordred’s hotel, whereas Arthur Garrott is staying in Janus’ hotel? Or am I misreading something? XD Maybe no Royal Suite is big enough for the both of them.

Thing to find at a breakfast buffet: hot chocolate. They rarely enough seem to have even tea, so hot chocolate is a real treat.


Both Madame & Arthur Garrott are staying in Mordred’s hotel; but Arthur is visiting with his kids at the hotel next door. :D

And knowing him he booked a second room to avoid his kids. thus Safir’s comment


Somebody ought to throw a net over those twins. XD I definitely like Safir’s dog Wolfy. He’s cute.

I love finding french toast in a breakfast buffet. :D


Ahhh. Weird, that’s usually a girl thing. Thank you, that had me confused a little.


Ha ha, well Arthur’s kinda girly. I have ’31′ in the text that’s been striked out to tip people off 28 isn’t his real age, but I guess my joke wasn’t as clear as I’d hoped. 0_0


(rereading through…)
I just realized that Geoffrey and Sedrick seem to be on pretty good terms. I guess they don’t hold their respective relations to the siblings against each other? XD


That arguement between Janus and Arthur is like two children fighting over toys, oh and i love to find Mini Moo Creamers! I don’t drinnk coffe but i do drink the liquid creamers, it’s like milk only better. (=^.^=)


My favorite thing to find at a complementary breakfast buffet is the waffles. And seeing Arthur and Janis fight is hilarious. BTW, the trauma for them in my now pending fanfic is finding Wiglaf and Mordred together in bed with hickeys all over them.


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