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Surprise is Overrated

Behold! The first WaM done completely live on Ustream. I am totally doing WaM live from now on. *_* I finished this thing in a third of the time it normally takes me b/c when I’m being watched I have no choice but to do nothing but draw. No distractions, no fanfiction, no youtube, no nothing.

And now you’ve got it done on time, in color & non-copy/paste.

So, there ya’ go. From 8-10pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I plan to be Ustreaming. Hope you all can join me.

Oh yeah, enjoy the Valkyrie fanservice while you can. We’re back with Wiglaf and Mordred on Friday. :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Happiness is a Warm Gun” by The Beatles (I think the only thing I really like about this song is the title. XD)


Yay Ustream! It makes you super productive. XD

Poor Valkyrie’s… Sigrdrifa probably doesn’t want to know what a 12 year old would do with ladies undergarments…


Har. :D I love that Driver wears boxers. (Gotta admit, they are quite comfortable…)

It’s neat to hear that the Ustreaming went so well! I hope I can catch one of the next streams. Just have to find some time when I’m not supposed to be drawing, so that it doesn’t turn into an ironic new form of procrastination. XD


You could always draw while I’m drawing. XD Team effort!


I will have to give that a try, too. I’ll prop my archaic pencil-and-paper drawing board in front of the keyboard while I’m shading the next page. Maybe if I race you I’ll actually get it done by 10 for once. XD

…and possession of ladies’ undergarments = power over people who DO like ladies’ undergarments, I should think.


It’s hardly archaic. :P Many props to those who can draw with a pencil and paper because I personally fail at it. XD *is very fond of resizing, mirroring and all sorts of other things to make proportions at least reasonable b/c fails on paper* But yes; finishing by 10pm is an amazing feeling. *_*

Ha ha. That’s probably true.


but I like archaic. Darn kids and their silly newfangled computational devices. :P

I suck at lineart in Photoshop. I’ve been using pen tablets for years and still haven’t quite gotten to the point where I’m comfortable with them. A tablet pc or Cintiq might be different, but I wouldn’t bet on it…


I know. XD I like seeing archaic; I just fail at it.

*hugs her Intuos* I don’t know what I’d do without this. Or Photoshop. curse you my love for adobe! *shakes fist at the sky*

Never used a cintiq, but I’ve gotten so used to looking at the screen instead of my pen when I’m drawing I think it’d throw me. XD


So do Arthur and Sedrick finish their argument before or after Azrael gets home from his unauthorized jaunt.


Heh heh, Svafa ain’t no fool. Atta girl, Svafa, don’t give more than you have to. XD

Sigrdrifa’s expressions are cute, and Driver’s deadpan sarcasm is real nice. You just can’t get enough Valkyrie fanservice. XD

Good job with this page and using Ustream, Liliy! I’d like to see one of your streams some time. :D


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