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Take That Back!

I draw the weirdest things when I have writer’s block. I swear. It’s like the Jelly Spud all over again. XD

Edit: *squints* WaM’s gonna either be late on Wednesday or Skipped. I don’t know yet because it depends how my Wed. evening goes. Either way, I have a fish tank to clean and that’s why it’s not getting doneĀ thisĀ fine Tuesday night. XD If you show up on Thursday and there’s no strip, I’ll see you Friday. Otherwise, thanks & I’ll see you Wednesday night! :D


I’m getting Pip from DMFA vibes from this thing; heck with the nature of that character, in the absence of the author (either of them) saying otherwise, that could easily be him.


I can see it. Betting it’s alot bigger than they already think. Also, I’m betting by the end of this it becomes someone’s pet. Perhaps Driver will adopt it, she doesn’t have a pet yet and a serpent would suit her. I’m sure it will get shrunk or something anyways.


Azzie, you idiot. Don’t badmouth lake monsters, while floating in their lake..
Poor thing, being called ugly.. You hurt their feelings!


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