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Take The Compliment

Also, buddy, I’ve got news for you Mordred – you haven’t played the part of a villain in a long time. A long, long, time. Take the compliment and accept you’re entering Black Sheep land with Boudica. And probably Arthur Jr. because he kinda sucked at being a bad guy, too.


Wait. How good would Arthur Jr. be at being a good guy?

Also, she’s right. And how would Wiglaf feel about Mordred considering that?


I’m waiting for the scene where Mordred finally answers the call, and shows us just what he can really do.

Remember, this is the guy what held his own and even gained ground on Cedric, a wonder when he was woefully wounded.

I’m also waiting for Boss to unleash the part of him that has the undead scared of him, and him relatively calm after being disarmed. This man has yet to show us his tricks, and even the Arthur Garrott Sr. (the guy that scared Camlann into compliance) was leery of fighting him.

Things are about to get very messy very fast. In fact I predict that the local weather report for the evening will be cloudy with a chance of hotel debris and a rain of brimstone.


I think it has more to do with how Cedric didn’t expect any resistant from Mordred, so he was taken by surprise, rather then Mordred holding his own.

…. Unless…. Wonder what does rings he’s wearing does… or how much they weigh.


I suppose that’s possible, but Sedrick went from behind Mordred with a knife actively in Arthur’s side to on the ground, only able to block Mordred’s blows, and just generally not in a good position long term.

Sedrick was also seriously ticked when Mordred tried to pretend he was loosing to keep Wiglaf from realizing just how hard he was slacking. It’s possible it was just Sedrick’s ire towards Arthur Jr. spilling over onto a convenient target of opportunity, but it would also make sense if he was offended because Mordred was winning honestly and didn’t need to fake weakness to call for Wiglaf’s unneeded aid.


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