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Take Your Best Shot

…never listen to a song that could pass as a lullaby while drawing. *yawns and droops head*

On that note, “Light of Aidan – Lament” by Café del Mar is amazing. Love it.

Sweep~ I need sweep~ And fanart of Senator Ratbat from Megatron Origin~ But mostly sweep.

Yes. Too lazy to pronounce the ‘L’ in that word. So there!  *snooze*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“The Show Must Go On” by Queen


I so TOTALLY had the chorus of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” pop into my head when I read Pa’s “switching up dance partners” line. XD


Well, then, I guess that means you should never listen to ‘Mordred’s Lullaby’. XD I found it and listened to it on a lark…it’s such a pretty song, but it genuinely sounds like a lullaby, despite some of the odd lyrics. (‘You shall always know your father’s a thief.’ as an example…)


Good job with the visuals of Pa’s arm motions; they’re drawn very vividly. Also good to see Wiglaf drawn in a full-body shot for a change.

It’s very funny seeing how serene Pa’s demeanor is here, as if this is an everyday matter of disciplining unruly children. XD


In the words of Nite Owl: “I don’t have much to bring to this buissiness than a great left hook.” Me-thinks that that’s what The Golden Barber brings to the buisiness. Except he can still sell it.


How is the rusty razor going to do against Wiglaf’s chain-mail?


Mr. Driver is insulted that you would think his razor had a speck of rust on it. Or, he would be, if he was at all remotely related to Azrael, which he likely isn’t. :)

All kidding aside, that you make a darned good point: his razor would have to have some sort of diamond monofilament edge to get through steel six-in-one. He would have to go through two layers of the darned stuff to get to Wiglaf’s neck, too.


Wiglaf called it a butcher knife, and those things are heavy. It doesn’t need to cut through chain mail. It just needs to smash each individual little link bloodily into Wiglaf’s skin.


Now, that’s the beauty of six-in-one: it spreads impulse over a very broad area. Having worn the stuff (armor grade) and gotten hit, I still contend that it would be difficult for Mr. Driver to hurt Wiglaf, even making a lucky stroke with a butcher’s knife. :)


Hurrah for dynamic Wiglaf poses. They always look like they should be posters. But how come Camlann’s no good at insults during the fights? Does he really throw his best material at Wiglaf and Mordred upon leaving his sheath, then run out of steam? How irksome. Though, I suppose that the arrangement had better stay as it is: were Wiglaf to keep Camlann unsheathed over the mantelpiece, the whole apartment would be subject to a running peanut gallery.

Is anyone else foreseeing Daddy Driver stepping in and grabbing two of the most dangerous people in the world by their ears and bringing them to task? Or something similar?

Hurrah for Driver, whose attention is not consumed by the epic fight before her, by the way.


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