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Talk Through The Pain

And yet another comic where if I’d checked the date before hand I could have done a Holiday Pin-Up. Oh well. XD

Happy Easter! I hope everyone has a blessed holiday! And if you don’t celebrate, I hope you can get to enjoy a chocolate bunny or a marshmallow peep anyway because they’re awesome. <3


FINALLY! Camlann is addressing this issue!!!!! Wait, all those powers on par to gods and he can’t simply snap his fingers to allow everyone to see her?


I hope that the next arc addresses Camlann’s concern.
Also, in my opinion, peeps taste like sweet packing peanuts. I had an odd childhood.


Bliss has pretty bangs in the first panel. Eek, I keep thinking I should be annoyed by her character, but finding I like her more and more! Your characters are just too loveable, Liliy


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