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Talking In His Head

So since we got the dog, I’ve been coughing near non-stop and my nose has been running. I’m signed up for an allergy test next week, so to prep I’m not allowed to take any medicine at all from now until the test so uh. I’m feeling those antihistamine’s I’ve been using wear off and I am dreading the next five days or so. Uggggggg. No allergy meds. No decongestants. No painkillers. NADA. Gonna be a long week. Wish me luck and hope I’m allergic to the grass outside the dog is rolling in and not the dog itself. xd

Edit: Throat hurt. Tired. Ugggg. I’m going to bed early. Wish me luck again. It’s gonna’ be a long week until Thursday.

Edit 2: Some stuff popped up so I wasn’t able to draw. My Allergy test is tomorrow so wish me luck! Again! XD

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