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Tell Me Sweet Lies

I finished this at midnight.

So. Worth it. I shouldn’t be this happy with how the strip turned out. But I am.


XD PERFECT punchline! And I really like the selective close-ups: they really force the urgency, but don’t include the eyes most people would be so tempted to use.

The dialogue sounds… real! This wouldn’t be rote from something you heard, would it? It has a ring of definite truth.


Ha ha yes. The punchline; I wanted to break the tension. Seems to have worked. XD

And nope. I can’t remember hearing the dialogue anywhere else…but the title was inspired by the song “Tell Me Lies” from Cats Don’t Dance. :D


Digging the last-minute appearance of Security breaking the fourth wall! XD

Arthur and Sedrick’s dialogue is revealing. Each considers deceit as necessary to keep the other in check, friendship or no friendship.


LOL. Even better with dialog. XD I love Sedrick’s fangs, and the ridiculousness of his argument.

And Security. Who doesn’t love Security just popping up everywhere for no reason at all? ^_^


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