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That Answer Wouldn’t Change

Okay, so I’m two hours late but I have an excuse: I don’t.

I just lost track of time. *dies* But as far as Wednesday’s skipped strip goes, I can chock that up entirely to the fact that I remembered it was Valentine’s Day and I treated myself by playing Kingdom Hearts. So uh, yeah. :D

I’m really happy with this strip by the way, even if it’s simple. Azrael’s “Never” amuses me.

Edit: Sunday’s WaM’ll be late. Why you may ask? Two reasons. The first: Not enough of you have appreciatedĀ the cheeping monster in his glory. And second: I just had a long Saturday (nothing bad, it was just a busy day and I’m a wimp who gets tired fast) and I forgot what time it was while relaxing. On the bright side, I got a new haircut and everyone loved it today. :D

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I love how Wiglaf just looks annoyed rather than nervous. (But then, he did just get a power-up from Brat, and after fighting Boss any monster fight is gonna seem tame.)


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