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That Counts As Not Working

Grace is such a jerk. XD

And I won’t comment on whether or not Azrael pays up to that. Probably not since he was ignoring Grace in the first place. Not that Grace’ll care. Ever.

*yawn* Been a long week. XD And this weekend I’m pup-sitting for a neighbor so wish me luck surviving His three giant dogs. I kid you not, the youngest one is bigger than me when he stands on his hind legs. XD


Song Listening Recommendation:

“Self Esteem” by The Offspring.


Bus full of kids, neh…? XD Poor Hnæf looks about ready to die.

And those sound like some big dogs. *_*; Good luck!


and for some odd reason ive always found grace attractive
ive never said it until now so soon i will be captured and burned at the stake :shocked:


Heavens preserve us, we would never do such a thing. I personally prefer medium-well myself. :happy:


I like medium-rare, so I will be very upset if you are burned through.


ok well i hear the mob outside but im going down fighting *grabs gatling gun ( :B ) and fires out window at a afore mentioned mob* YEAH ITS ON NOW MOTHERF*CKERS!!!!!!


Poor Hnaef! You know, I don’t know what’s worse; having Sedrick pissed at you, or not being able to have the punishment over quickly (since Hnaef’s too valuable to lose).
Also, Grace is such a horrible person (spirit… sword… thing), but I can’t help but laugh at his lines. XD
Good luck with the dogs! ^-^


I like how furious Sedrick is, and how cowed and nervous Hnaef looks. XD

Good luck with those giant dogs.


I love this comic :D

On another note: Self Esteem is (IMHO) not The Offspring’s best song.


Hmm? I don’t think it’s the best song either. XD But it was the one I wanted to quote at the moment.


It all depends on what part of the song you quote. If it’s something I like, then very well. But if it’s something I don’t like…
you and I’ll join those guys at the stake burning! :D


it took Sedrick /that/ long to finally realize Azrael wasn’t there? dang he musta been distracted or something


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