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That Didn’t Change Any

Well, Éclat’s greatest character flaw isn’t going anyway any time soon, but now it’s a tad bit of a bigger issue. Poor Ben. He’s got to deal with it. Ha ha ha.

Also, the first round of family visits went well, but I didn’t get as much done as I was hoping. I got behind on WaM so to be fair to my Patrons, I’m skipping a strip on Friday so they still get the strip a week early and I have a chance to catch back up with my queue. Thanks for being patient & see you next Sunday! :D


*gently smacks Eclat* Bad Eclat!
He’s gonna be in for a very bad time when/if he runs into the Garrotts. (Specifically Janus or Mrs. Garrott.)


I love how Ben is looking after him while still disapproving of the misogyny. People have flaws~


Out of curiosity, I started going back through the archives to find appearances of the artifacts. Grace and Eclat (I know it’s supposed to have an accent) both have a gem on them. Grace’s orb is basically one big gem. The third of the swords (prudence, I think?) does not appear to have one on their person, but the hilt of the blade appears to have a small ruby.

As far as I can tell, the rings on the artifact collector are split, one with a gem, one without. Malochi definitely does NOT have a gem, and I couldn’t find one on Jade. No direct word on the relative ages of the bejeweled artifacts and the ones without, but from what I could find it’s mixed. The ledger seems to be entirely without.

To conclude this slightly random thought, I think the gems are coincidence rather than an integral part of the binding for the artifacts. If someone finds evidence to refute that, that would be wonderful that that pet theory though


“My partner had to go donate her chair to some hospital…” that is, once again, way more humanity than I’d expect in the serial-killing cult.


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