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That Didn’t Last Long… (His Hair)

I’ve been wanting to do this page for like a year. Finally. XD

First off, a big thanks to Watch for translating Wiglaf’s dialogue into Swedish! You should all give him a big hug or something. :)

And in other news…I love the title of today’s strip. Because it’s a double pun. Get it? His hair didn’t last long. As in, It didn’t last for a long time or it didn’t last long for a long time…yeah. Ruined it by explaining didn’t I? I need sleep.

Yes the couch changed colors. If you haven’t learned yet that there is no such thing as continuity for WAM backgrounds- now you know. :D

And also, yes. I did pick the most annoying neon pink I could find. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Torn” by Creed


I totally want to know exactly what he is saying in Swedish, especially in the last panel. Also, totally LOVE the pink hair! Though I miss Wiglaf’s long hair already. He looks lovely with short hair, but I <3 the long hair so much!


In the second panel he says:
“Why did you cut my hair, stupid?”

“Dumskalle” literally translates into “dumb-head” and is usually used to insult the other person’s intelligence, rather than as a show of anger.
It is not a very insulting way of accusing the other person of being dumb though, as there are a lot worse things to say. It is more often used as either an endearing “joke-insult” or, when it is used as an actual insult, it’s somewhere on the same level as first graders calling each other names.

Third panel:

“Oops. Oh yeah.” or “Oops. Oh, right.”

“Oj” is just an exclamation that is used in the same way as “oops”. Sometimes also as an indication of surprise.
“Visst ja” is as a verbal sign showing that you just remembered or realized something that, in hindsight, should have been obvious.

Final panel. “Love you too.”

No real translation notes there. It’s exactly what it says.

Is that exact enough for you Zypher? ;]

And I second that it’s nice that the swedish of this comic has vastly improved.
(…I’m still wondering “why Bohuslän?”, though. :raisebrow: )


Bohuslän? Mostly I just liked the name. It’s not a whole lot deeper than that and after reading a little bit of it’s history decided it was the name I wanted to use. It’s not where Wiglaf is from, but he made a name for himself there. How? That’s for a later date. ^^


More than enough, thank you muchly. Mostly I wanted the last panel. “Love you too”. That is so utterly perfect. Sounds like something I’ve said to my sister after doing something in retailation.


Well, it was 01:45 at the time i did this, I was kinda dozy.

Also, I didn’t perceive Wiglaf to be the, what should i call it, kind of person to utter really insulting things, more like as you say, a joke-insult..-er/first-grade namecaller.

Or you could just go with “idiot”, means the same in ‘most every language :)



XD Lots of tit for tat today. Liliy again makes good use of expressions. I especially like Mordred’s expressions in panels 5 and 6, and Wiglaf’s expressions in panels 3 and 7.

*Laughing* That’s a real obnoxious shade of pink. :happy:


I love Wiglaf with short hair, and Morder with pink! I don’t know why though, normally I hate pink…. I think I’m going to have one of my characters in my comic have pink hair, if only for a little bit, now. :P


I LOVE this webcomic!!! It gives me an insane urge to learn Swedish!!! Also, I love ALL the characters!!! *bows in awe of amazingness*


Wow, I was literally one page away from finding out why he had pink hair from when I stopped reading this due to several reasons, mostly work and uni!
Now I really do feel like such a dolt! x’D


IcyPheonix inspired me to do an archive trawl, which led to the resurfacing of a question I never remembered to ask before.

Namely, how did Wiglaf dye Mordred’s hair? He bleached it and then dyed it pink, yes, but that’s a lot to do while a person is sleeping without waking them up. Did he force Mordred to let him dye it? If so, how?


She never actually says he dyed it while Mordred was asleep. Considering Wiglaf is in the same clothes, it seems more likely that he simply muscled Mordred into submission and forcefully dyed it(or yes, the knock-out drugs as liliy says).


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