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That Doesn’t Mean He Notices

Mordred is not responsible for, nor does he keep track of Driver’s wardrobe.

He probably should notice more, though.

Edit: I am technically on Vacation this week, even if it is a “staycation.” So I took Wednesday off to do fun things. Like play my new Miku video game or write or whatever else. Lol. I’ll see you on Friday though. I’ll cross my fingers that the drawing stream works this time. >.>;;


Did Mordred stop paying attention to what Driver does? He’s mentioned before that he actually pays attention to her & Wiglaf to such a degree that Wiglaf suggested getting Mordred an MP3 player or something… with headphones and an arm clip.(Pg. 123, “So He Does Listen… Damn”)
Then again, Mordred seems to be getting his villainous mojo back, albeit slowly. So he could be lying with that statement.
I do look forward to seeing if this loops back into the story somehow. Any little thing seems to become an adventure for them.


He pays attention to important things. Driver’s never really shown a lot of interest in her wardrobe outside of wearing button ups and ties, so the dress is out of his scope of knowledge.


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