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That Ego Needs Checked

Hnæf looks pretty comfy at his work station doesn’t he?  Poor Sedrick sitting upright in a swivel chair; he needs a reclinging couch, too.

Still running on the House high. I love Wilson so much. XD

Um. Let’s see…oh! Nevermind. I can’t think of anything else to say. *sips Coke*


Hnaef is just awesome. will it ever be explain how he knows everything, or will it just remain a mystery to us, the readers?


Yay for Hnæf and his ability to know everything. ^_^ That must be why he gets the comfy reclining couch. XD Nice job on the BG, too; very cool.


-grins- Hnæf is awesome. -nods- That’s why his hair is so long. It’s full of secrets. The others’ hair is just like that because they’re a lesser awesome.

Did that even make sense?


Lol, so how does he know EVERYTHING?! I mean, he’d either have to have some freaky mind power that lets him search every being on the planets mind to find the answer to any question, plus have photographic memory, OR just be incredibly, amazingly, astonishingly lucky! XD Good strip though, he has a sweet job for a kid! X3


DAMN YOU! I had to get a coke because of that whole *sips coke* bit, and then sis made me get her a mountain Dew.


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